Saturday, April 24, 2010

T-1 day

The day before the marathon started in my favorite way, and something that rarely ever happens anymore:  I slept in until I woke alarm clock, no meowing kitty wanting her breakfast, no early morning conference call, no Saturday mornings errands.  So, the day officially kicked off at 9:13 am.

After a couple of meals and lots of water, I received SOME wonderful news!  One of my contributors has graciously agreed to match all funds raised on Saturday and Sunday, April 24 and 25 at 12 am midnight on the 25th up to my £5000 goal! While I have had WONDERFUL support from friends and co-workers, I do have the opportunity to surge a bit further in the fundraising. 

If you are still  interested in donating, I would love your support. PLEASE help me in my final push for fundraising by contributing to my charity, Guide Dogs for the Blind:

The website will take donations up to, during, and after the marathon finishes, so no worries there.  So, besides the the runner (me) feeling the pain tomorrow, let's make this anonymous contributor's wallet hurt as well.

Finally, for those wanting to follow me along the course tomorrow, I will be running under bib # 39754. See you at the finish line!

Marathon quote of the day:
It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.
- Confucius

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