Monday, May 17, 2010

Hachie Gal's London Spring 2010 Top Ten Tourist List

After that whirlwind trip to Texas (not much to report new on my aunt’s health, except that progress is steady but slow – thanks for those continued prayers), the Budman and I will try to take a few days this spring to decompress and relax. What better way to do just this than to enjoy the virtual treasure trove of all that London has to offer.

My current top ten London Spring 2010 list of things to see and do includes the following (in no particular order):
• V&A Museum’s Grace Kelly exhibit
• National Gallery’s Irving Penn Portraits
• Tour of Apsley House
• West End productions of Sweet Charity and Hair
• Kensington Palace’s exhibit, Enchanted Palace
• Weekends runs in Hampstead Heath, Greenwich Park, and Regent’s Park
• Any production at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater
• Dinner at Gordon Ramsay’s new restaurant, Petrus
Swan Lake at the Royal Albert Hall
• Queen’s Gallery exhibit: Victoria & Albert: Art & Love

It appears that there is much debate on what the actual “last day of spring” is…depending on where you love, what hemisphere you hail from, who you ask, etc. Without getting caught up in that maelstrom of controversy, I am more than happy to use May 31st as the then of spring for my purposes. With this time goal in mind, I am looking forward to checking in out these cultural highlights that the city has to offer.

Of course, much of this will be depending on when the next trip to Austin will be as I will need to check in on my aunt and her progress. Given that this trip would represent a significant chunk of time in May/early June, I will keep you Texans updated on the next voyage stateside. A trip happily made although its circumstances are sad ones...

For those of you coming to London this summer, some of these events will still be on; check back to inquire what we thought or alternatively you can read the blog.
One thing is much to see, so little time.

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