Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wenlock and Mandeville...sorry, but no

Call me crazy but I am never on board with the selection of inanimate mascots for sporting events.  I just can't get jazzed at all by goof-ball, alien-like characters that are supposed to enthuse me about an upcoming sporting event....even something as world-renowned as the 2012 London Olympics.

I awoke this morning to "exciting" news on the London Olympics front, or so I was led to believe by the BBC AM sports journalist.  Given I am an Olympics junkie, I quickly thought, "OK, I am ready."  Perhaps it was some revelation about more tickets being made available, or something else about the upcoming games that being a Londoner (at least for the timebeing) I could be tempted by. 

Simply, not exciting at all.  Today was the day that the 2012 London Olympics Mascots, named Wenlock (left) and Mandeville (right), were unveiled. 

OLYMPICS Mascot 174882

(Photo credit:   Johnny Green/PA Wire)

What is to like about them?  I am a bit hard pressed as my comments below outline:

(1)  They look like tel-a-tubby cyclops....why am I going to get a mug, cap, or t-shirts with these two yahoo creatures on it?  Short answer: not!

(2)  Where did these names come from?  Are they some classic British names that are supposed to embody all things English?  Short answer:  never heard of them before.  Guess they are supposed to be as abstract as the creatures.

(3) UK children were a part of focus groups to determine the look of these mascots; apparently animals or human mascots were a "no-go".  Good to know that now that Wenlock and Mandeville are on the scene, they can help drive the fundraising efforts for 2 billion GBP from the private sector.  Short answer:  yea, right.

Check them out and judge for yourself.

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