Monday, January 10, 2011

actually, it smells really nice

Unlike the US, there is no need to haul your "bigger than Texas" live (and now dead) Christmas tree to the local tip (let me translate into American for you = "the dump") after the decorations are down and the new year is upon you.  No, just haul your used tree to your local park or green belt and drop it anywhere you like; the city garbage men will then pick it up for recycling.  Seems pretty easy, although I saw UK dads for days dragging their old Christmas trees down the street.  Kinda a hassle but a green one.

While we are on the subject of Christmas trees, in the UK, people traditionally do not put up the Christmas Tree and begin to decorate their homes until about 12 days before Christmas. If you follow this tradition, then the reverse happens by the 6th January, which is 12 days after Christmas.  None of this bad luck leaving the tree up after New Year's Day.

As I was heading to the tube on Friday night, there was a large pile of trees that had been dumped...I smelled them before I saw them.  Comforting in an odd way.

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