Saturday, January 08, 2011


Each month, I always look forward to receiving my latest copy of Vanity Fair Magazine.  A long hot soak in a nice bubblebath, a cup of Earl Grey tea and my magazine in hand, and I am ready to go.  Which is precisely what happened two nights ago.

As I relaxed in the lavender scented bath, tea mug sitting within easy reach, I excitely removed the latest edition of VF from its protective mailing cover to find....EGADS! 

This month's cover was devoted to none other that the teen heart-throb, Justin Bieber.  Please note the operative word there..."teen" heart-throb. With the demographics of the magazine certainly NOT being girls in the 8-16 age range, why in the world was he the featured article and cover?

Yea, after a cursory flip through the other articles, the mag went in the recycle pile...I'll pass on the Bieb-meister, thanks all the same.


Donna Ewing said...

SO agree! And honestly, he needs a haircut badly.

Cynthia said...

Ok, dig it out of the recycle know some little girls who fit the Beiber demo...even if not the VF demo. ;)

Hachie Gal said...

Cyn - I would except VF articles are usually in 6 point foint and 10+ pages long. I can see the photos being looked but the article...hmmm.