Saturday, January 08, 2011

The three phases of Christmas

Essentially, we had three phases to the Christmas holidays this year:  Horseshoe Bay, Garland, and Waxahachie.  After the cleanout of my aunt's house in mid December, I anxiously awaited Bud's arrival in Garland from London.  Heathrow airport had other ideas. 

After 3 flight cancellations, due to a total of 4 inches of snow, the Budman arrived in Boston, only to miss his connection to DFW due to the late arrival of the flight attendants.  OK, so the passengers and pilots could make it into Heathrow on time, but the flight attendants were 2 hours late.  Nope, not buying it.  I add insult to injury, Heathrow had the equivalent of snow plow to shovel snow..yea well...

A late arrival in DFW, sans one suitcase (to  be located the next day), and we were reunited.  Great visits with family and friends included these highlights:

*  Jane B. - thanks for lunch at our fav place....yea, Chili's (can't get that in London).
*  Tex-Mex with my long-standing gal pal, Tracey - I love ya like a sister.
*  Barry and Terry - besides being the friends we can always count on, we got to see you multiple times.  The home remodel project rocks!
*  Judge Joe and school marm, JoBeth - a.k.a. "rocking grandparents" - kudos on both boys AND the new gig.
* Martha and Paul - a great breakfast that morphed into lunch in the "holly free" zone
* Jim and Catherine - my Arlington surrogate parents...I also laugh alot when I see you guys
* John and Jon - dinner AND the ride in the new Bentley - cool!  Both were lovely.
* Mark and Tere, kids, and grandchilds - loved catching up with all your lives
*  Amy -'s been a heck of a year, but Christmas Eve at The Mansion was awesome.  Plus, I loved wearing my Valentino red dress.
*  Bob, Dee, J/P/SB/J - love you guys
*  SB - great new pad!
*  Waxahachie - a sight for sore eyes
*  Loose Leaves - ladies - you are all one of a kind...thanks for ALL showing up for lunch
*  Baylor Bears - you know who you was a cruddy game but the company was FAB
*  Jim and Becky - always a blast  - come see us in 2011!
*  South Carolinians - your new little boys are beautiful...thanks for introducing them to us.
*  Meriam  - thanks for making thr trip to Arp for Peggy
*  M/M - well yea, thanks to Heathrow (your trip), we'll catch you next Christmas
*  Kenlee and her parents - thanks for taking care of our home in Texas
*  Ken and Dietra - you were last in the rotation but certainly not least...we were sorry to miss your New Year's Day running soiree but we ran with you in London spirit, that is

As we took off from DFW, and I reflected over the past three weeks, I realized I had been given the best gift of all this Christmas...the love of family and friends.

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