Friday, July 27, 2012

Let the London Olympic Games Begin

Excitement is bubbling over - today is the OFFICIAL opening day of the London 2012 Olympics. 

It appears the issues with the Olympic Road Network (ORN) and the fact that lanes are closed for next 3 weeks have died down, the UK Immigration Worker strike has been averted, and on a personal note, all our Olympic event tickets are finally in hand (the diving tickets arriving yesterday). 

Team USA and GB clothing apparel has been purchased, US flag (for waving at the events) has been procured, and work calendar cleared (for the most part) for the days of my Olympic events.  As is our usual practice, we will be rooting for dual teams:  our home country (USA) and our host country, the country where we are living during the major sporting event (Team Great Britain), so we expect the medal tally to look FANTASTIC from a combined perspective.  Of course, I will also be cheering Teams S. Korea, Taiwan, and Germany when they are also competing unless it is against Team USA or Team GB.

No tickets for the opening ceremony could be had for less thatn $3500 per ticket, so TV viewing is on tap for the evening.  We do have tickets for the Hyde Park Opening Ceremony Celebration concert (a loose connection to the Olympic spirit but not officially tied to the Olympics) of which Duran Duran and Snow Patrol are on the bill....truthfully, I might just opt for the Danny Boyle extravanga "sofa -side".

Offically, the London 2012 Opening Ceremony begins at 9pm GMT, with the pre-show starting at 20.12pm.  Apparently, everyone in London is supposed to ring a bell at 8:12 PM to commemorate the opening....

Tomorrow, men's road cycling - "bring on the games"

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