Friday, July 27, 2012

Midnight Sun Marathon #7

Marathon #7 took me to the Arctic Circle...Tromso, Norway in fact.

The race is aptly named, as I was later to find out.  Here I am at packet pick-up.

Race day was actually race evening at 8:30 pm. Technically, I started the marathon on June 30th and finished it on July 1st.   Here I am at the start race.

Along the course...the the first and second of two killer hills - Norwegian snowcapped mountains and Arctic Cathedral in the background.

Hachie Gal is looking a bit tired....

Other photos along the course.

Finish line in sight....remember that it is about 1 AM at this point....wacky.  The lack of darkness at that day certainly plays tricks on the mind.

It's a wrap.

About 6 weeks between races #7 and stop on the marathon whistle tour, Reykjiavik, Iceland.

Taking it one step at a time,

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