Friday, July 27, 2012

Stockholm Marathon #6

The blog posting for the marathons are a little behind...the weeks are coming faster and faster between each race.

For marathon #6 of the year, we travelled to Stockhom to enjoy, what I hoped, was going to be some of the best runnning weather of the year.  Normally, Stockholm summer weather is in the upper 60s for highs, so when marathon race morning rolled around, I expected to get "primo" running weather.

How wrong I was.  From the moment we landed in Stockolm, it rained, rained, rained. Normally, being a "muddy track" horse, I never let a little rain bother me.  And being the veteran marathoner, I came prepared... just in case.  I was not expecting that "just in case" to be cold, windy, and wet running conditions.

Here I am on race day morning....with only a smile to warm on.

As race day dawned, I was greeted with 30 degrees F, torrential rain, and 25 mph winds.  This is when you just breath deep and get going.  The good news is I would suffer no dehydration issues on this "summer" day; the bad news is that by mile 8, I could not feel my fingers, and legs. I was properly "kitted" out, including the retirement of "the" marathon running cap (thanks, EDS for the memories) and in its stead, a new white wicking Stockhom Marathon cap.  I would need the wicking protection on this day.

All in all, I felt great during the race, good energy and a strong run of 5:05 - an an undulating race, with lots of bridges...Here I am in in full rain and cold weather gear...yes, those are rain drops fallign from my arms as I raise my hands.

Here I am moments away from the finish line at the Stockholm Olympic Stadium.

The medal is in hand, and it's a wrap.

And thanks to a fab road crew, Budman and Sadie, for braving the elements as well as humoring me with my post race meal - McDonald's burger and fries.

Now on to the Arctic Circle.

Taking it one step at a time,

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