Sunday, July 29, 2012

London Olympics: Day 1

Medal tally USA: 5
Medal tally UK: 0
Although day 1 resulted in our first US gold medal in swimming (thanks, Michael Lochte), we headed to Richmond to check out in person the Men's Road Cycling Event.  We were hoping for a UK gold as well for Mark Cavendish, but today was not Team GB's day.  Here we are waiting for the cyclists to come our way!

A really jovial and festive crowd waited for the riders.

And then the riders came rolling by...all in about 10 seconds!

To the far right, Fabio Cancellera...he sadly crashed later in the race.

And finally, the man of the day, Mark Cavendish, the Manx Missile.  Sadly, it was not his day today...still thrilling for us to see him roll right by.

Blink, they were gone. 
All in all, a great day reveling in the spirit of all things Olympiad!