Monday, February 18, 2008

And how is the house

Let's just a word.

To answer your questions:

(1) No, the furniture will not fit. We will be selling off Chinese antiques.

(2) Yes, the furniture fits in the rooms, if you could get it up the stairs...both flights. Ugh!

(3) Yes, we have run out of storage space which means...we have been purging things right and left. I suppose there is freedom in ridding oneself of material possessions, but I did feel a bit like the pioneer woman, in the covered wagon headed westward that had to pitch Granny's piano over the side of the wagon right about Pike's Peak.

(4) Landlord chose not to paint the house before we moved in. That was actually done relatively painlessly, I might add.

(5) And for the creme de la creme...we have the surliest next door neighbors to one side. Cussing children, out of control kids screaming at night (we hear them through the walls), and fighting pit bulls. Ah, I know you are all jealous. My personal favorite is the shopping cart sitting in the front garden full of trash. Yard art, I suppose...NOT!

"Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?"


revkyle said...

Hey this is Kyle Henderson. Got on your blog to find out about your progress. Sounds crazy and stressful.

I am coming to London May 22-23-24-25. I will be on my way to Africa for sabbatical study May 26-Aug 3. Cindy and the boys will meet me in Africa on July 5. They will just be passing through London.

We will all stop in London on our way back to the states Aug 3-4-5.

I was hoping to connect with ya'll either outbound or return or both. Hope to do a meal together. Will be visiting with a parnter church in Peacehaven (near Brighton Beach)on May 23. The rest of the days are open.


Hachie Gal said...

Come on, come on....we look forward to the visit. Meals are great...both times. Let's connect closer to the date. This will be fun!