Tuesday, February 26, 2008


It is not Tivo, but it is the equivalent of the concept. And I successfully recorded the Oscars for replay on Monday. You see, we were fast asleep by the time the star studded event commenced.

Overall assessment...it was a dark year for movies...and dark year for red carpet dresses. A bit boring on both fronts. Still , I watched the replay with baited breath...now...just to see these movies.


Missy said...

I kept expecting a rundown on the oscar fashions of the year from you. I liked a lot of things, but didn't hate really anything ... no big risks. I was on some serious painkillers at the time (I had an appendectomy the day before!) so I didn't enjoy the oscars like I normally do. My annual festivities were cancelled.

See Juno. it will cheer you up.

Hachie Gal said...

no time for the rundown....i am literally seeing mysefl coming and going. The hachie Gal's usual Oscar fete was cancelled this year as well.