Thursday, February 07, 2008

It was rough but we're to speak

Well, we're officially in our house in London but man was it a bumpy ride. Details to follow but the highlights included:

* our Chinese cabinets could not fit up the stairs. That's right....not fit up the what?
* boxes, boxes, boxes - I feel like we are living in Barbie's house
* early impressions is that the area we live in will be nice but until we finish nesting, we can not really enjoy
* painters did not finish painting of interiors before we moved in. Now, in addition to furniture and boxes everywhere, we still have paint, dropcloths, and workmen to look forward to. Probably worked out for the best as the walls going up the two flights of stairs are pretty scratched now thanks to the German moving guys.
* Hachie Gal had to leave the Budman to finish the unloading of boxes as I dashed off to the airport for a week in Den Haag. He definitely drew the short straw.

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