Friday, July 18, 2008

Always good to see you...

One of the lovely things about living in London that I did not have the luxury of when living in Seoul, Taipei, or Dusseldorf is that the Budman and I have access to all sorts of visitors…friends and family who come to London just to see us as well as people passing through the city on business or enroute to other vacation destinations.

Sometimes the duration of the visit can only last a few hours over a dinner or a beverage, to perhaps a bit longer such as a day of London sightseeing I enjoyed with some Waxahachie pals earlier this week. True, I’d seen all of their targeted sightseeing spots before but I always learn something new or see something different each time I visit one so I never mind.

Thanks, Judy and Patti (as well as Ben and Beth) for letting me visit with you during the day, and especially for the sack of Wal-Mart goodies. My box of “Dots” tasted divine. Most of all, it was great to see some homefolk and catch up on the news from the Big Hachie.

London 0708 - wax. friends 063

Moral of the story: we would love to see YOU if ever your journey brings you to London…if nothing more than to see you, share a cup of coffee and hug your neck!


Anonymous said...

maybe jelly babies would be a good substitute for dots. No?

Hachie Gal said...

In a word, "No".