Sunday, July 20, 2008

What's the problem with a little strike?

For one thing, no garbage pick-up. Or as they say in the UK, no rubbish collection. Technically it was only a national two-day strike on July 16th and 17th of last week; however, when "your" pick-up day is the day that the workers are striking, well...that's just a load of trash (excuse the pun).

So, I am ever hopeful that trash pick-up will occur this week, as it is becoming a bit insightly on the west side of Chiswick. Thankfully, not too smelly yet!

And for those of you asking, "Why are the workers striking"? For a 2.45% pay increase.


csmith304 said...

Hello, love reading your blog! Are your AOL emails still current?

Waxahachie neighbors across the street!

Hachie Gal said...

yes..they are the same...send us an update when time permits