Wednesday, July 16, 2008

In a sleepy little town called Roth...

...Team EDS showed up to cheer for our gal, Jennifer, as she competed in the Ironman Triathlon last Sunday. All I can say is that she must be bionic - an impressive feat to be sure, Jen! A few sights and sounds from the day as we gladly braved the rain and an early morning to cheer Jen and 3000 other participants along the way.

And for those of you who are not in the know, the ironman triathlon consists of three segments: a 2 mile swim, a 100 mile bicycle ride, and a full 26.2 mile marathon. Exactly...not for the faint of heart or spirit.

PS - I have finally taken the time to crack the video loading and posting task, so you can check out the videos (just make sure your sound is on) as well as the photos. The start of the triathlon and the start of the swimming portion.

Team EDS awaits for Jennifer to emerge from the swim and pick up her bike at the start of the second phase.

Roth Triathalon BY 0708 006

Jennifer transitions from the swimming to the cycling phase.

An elite contestant at transition #1.

Roth Triathalon BY 0708 008

Team EDS "breakfasts" during the biking stage. Sorry, Jennifer, we know you were not having too much fun at the same time we were.

Roth Triathalon BY 0708 009

Team EDS waiting at Transition #2: the end of the biking stage and the start of the marathon.

Roth Triathlon 0708 030

Scenes along the marathon course.

Roth Triathlon 0708 034

Roth Triathalon BY 0708 010

Roth Triathlon 0708 035

Roth Triathlon 0708 031

Roth Triathlon 0708 033

Roth Triathlon 0708 036

Roth Triathlon 0708 032

Jennifer at the halfway mark in the marathon.

Jennifer...a few steps away from completion of the triathlon.

The triathlon finish.

Roth Triathlon 0708 037

Jennifer nears the finish line.

Roth Triathlon 0708 038

We celebrate together for breakfast the next morning.

Roth Triathalon BY 0708 012


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