Friday, July 11, 2008

First race in London

Running has been a part of my life…well…for most of my life. It started as simple neighbourhood running here and there and grew into track and field in high school. As the years progressed it was merely an exercise vehicle; however, I quickly learned that it could possess very satisfying social aspects. Some of my best friends and some of my best running memories include my buddies (including the Budman), whether as a runner themselves or as my road crew.

I later learned that running could be a source of personal pride in achievement of objectives and goals, whether it is a race of a certain distance, a PR, or I simply wanted the T-shirt. I would never have thought I would have completed 1 marathon let alone 11 marathons. The Hachie friends still remember the Texas Challenge… “5 marathons in 5 months”. Yes, I know it sounds crazy to me now but it was a rush at the time.

Then, there is “destination running” where I pick a place to race that I have always wanted to visit. A great way to see a city, and a guiltless way to enjoy eating your way through the town when you know you have a race to run off those extra calories. It never matters whether it is a 5K, 10K, half-marathon or full marathon…destination running can be enjoyable no matter the distance.

So, how has the UK running been going? Sadly, it has been non existent but that all changed last month as the Hachie Gal broke the running shoes back out and reclaimed this part of her life. It is also with great appreciation that Cyn booked us into the London JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge to keep us on our training path. Nothing like a race staring you in the face to kick the training schedule into high gear. Sadly, Cyn had to drop out due to an injury (we’ll get you there next time, sister!) but the Hachie Gal and 15,000 other people last night enjoyed a beautiful, sunny, and pleasantly cool summer evening in Battersea Park running a 5.6 mile race.

One question, though: Why the .6 tacked on to the end of the distance? Why not just a 5K?

So, without further ado, I give you “the race”.

Entrance to Battersea Park.

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 2008 002

Humorous side note for those of you who are runners…these were the portable toilets! I was personally a bit confused as I thought they were horse trailers originally. Really…LOL.

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 2008 004

The starting line.

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 2008 009

Team EDS.

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 2008 007

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 2008 008

PS - I like those company T-shirts...what gives? Where's mine? (Short answer: there were none...these guys invested in their own).

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 2008 006

Picking up T-shirts, Gatorade, and bananas.

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 2008 011

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 2008 010

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