Monday, January 19, 2009

Cheese dreams

London Marathon Training: Week 5 of 19
Saturday target run: 45 minute run
Sunday target run: off

London Marathon Training: Week 6 of 19
Monday target run: 30 minute run

Just experienced a lovely multi-purpose weekend trip to Zurich for the Swiss friends' housewarming and the Aussies' repatriation. In all, there was eight of us including the Confused Swiss, Martinksy, Falcon, Mardi, Cyn, Paulster, Budman, and Hachie Gal. Photos to follow once I get the things downloaded but I learned a very interesting piece of information during Saturday night's Swiss Fondue meal.

Apparently, the Aussies are acquainted with the concept of "cheese dreams" which occur when one eats too much cheese at the dinner meal, and then retires for the evening. Apparently, strange dreams ensue....

I must confess that no such cheese dreams occurred for the Budman and Hachie Gal. Has anyone else ever heard of this or were those funloving, side-splitting, hysterically funny Aussies just pulling my leg?

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