Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oops...I goofed up

London Marathon Training: Week 6 of 19
Thursday target run: 43 minutes
Friday: 1 hour and 12 minutes
Saturday: off
Sunday: 2 hours

I only have about 2 weeks to get all the steps completed for the UK drivers license. It was not that I left it to the end out of sheer laziness; it was just that I had so many other things going on at work and then with the December house move, that is was just lower down on the priority list.
All I thought I had to do was take the theory test and the practical driving test. Well, I was wrong. I have to apply for and send away for a provisional UK drivers license FIRST BEFORE I take the theory test BEFORE I can take the practical driving test. After being told by my driving instructor today (man, what a peice of work...story for another day) of this important fact, I quickly did the sums in my head...2-3 weeks to get the provisional license back puts me outside my window for getting the new drivers license by February 4th which is my one year anniversary in the UK and when the US drivers license will no longer work.

Uh-oh....Looks like it will be the tube and bus again for the Hachie Gal to work every day.


Treasure Ann said...

Hi, like your blog. Just wanted to come and visit. How is it in London? That's one of the places besides Ireland that I would love to visit. Take care.

The Driving Instructor UKADI said...

Wish you the best with your driving lessons when you start.

Britten said...

Best of luck with the driving lessons and test. I remember driving in England and I hit many curbs. Got used to it after a while.