Thursday, January 08, 2009

Great news...home folk coming our way

2009 has started out with a tremendous boost! The Budman and I have learned in the last few days that two couples are relocating to London in 2009....

First, the Budman's roommate from college and family are moving to London in late Spring 2009, although Jerry will be here sooner! Friends of over 30 years in the same city....FAB-U-LOUS!


Paris June 2007 046

To add to that great news, the Budman's brother and partner are also moving to London in late spring/early summer. Mike and Matt - we can't wait. Family in the same city, let alone country...that has not been a reality in almost a decade.


We are thrilled on both counts, but I must confess I do not envy either them the moves. The Budman/Hachie Gal international moving checklists have been shared (yes, such a thing exists).

2009 is off to a stupendous start!

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