Wednesday, January 14, 2009

learning alot about Iceland

London Marathon Training: Week 5 of 19
Today’s target run: 30 minute fartlek

The Budman is back this week in that happening place known as Iceland. BTW, Iceland is actually quite green, while Greenland in fact is more icy. Go figure!

Anyway, the Budman has been spouting all these interesting factoids about Iceland from his recent business travels. If you think the economy has "gone to pot" in your country, take a look at Iceland.

For a total Icelandic population of 300,000 people, there were only 42 new cars purchased in December 2008. TOTAL. Ouch...that hurts.

I would wager that Waxahachie sold that many new vehicles in December alone. Of course, the US is a bit more gas-guzzling than those Icelanders. Still....

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