Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Gone and back again

Well, two weeks sounds like alot of time to be away for the holidays, except when you are returning to work. A GREAT Texas Christmas and New Year's awaited us and we enjoyed being with family and friends...highlights included:

* Spending time with niece and nephew, college kids at Baylor and ASU, respectively...fun kids and growing up to be nice adults to be around!

* Coffee, tea, and long talks with the Budman's parents.

* Chickenfoot with Peggy.

* a much overdue visit with sister, Amy.

* Shopping at Target...don't knock it until you don't have it.

* Tex-Mex (times at least 4 times)...we could have forgone the turkey and dressing for at least another couple of rounds of Mexican food.

* wide open highways of Texas...

* a Waxahachie house that is being lovingly looked after by Paul and Natalie - thanks guys!

* Loose Leaves Book Club lunch at Dove's Nest...nothing better than a bunch of gals chewing the fat! Thanks Becky and Beth for coordinating...

* Sunday School class get together in our honor: thanks to Janet and Keith for organizing and for all the folks who turned out. It was good hug your necks!

* The blessing of friendship, and for relationships that stand the test of time and distance...and the promise of future visits in London by several friends.

What I would like to have added to that list was good health...ok..it is nothing serious but the Budman and I were ill from the moment we touched down at DFW (actually Budman was ill starting Wednesday before we left London) and well after we landed at Heathrow. Nothing like a couple of trips to the local GP and an ER visit to get your New Year's off to a rip roaring start!

For all those people we saw and hugged necks, it was FAB-U-LOUS! For those we simply ran out of time to see, could not coordinate schedules, or fell ill on, our sincerest apologies.

All the best to you and your for a wonderful 2009!

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