Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bahrain Bound

As I put the finishing touches on my India travel visa application, the news came through…you’re headed to Bahrain. I’d like to think my geography knowledge has improved over the last decade, but my first reaction was Bahr-where?

First stop: Google Earth. I knew it was in the Middle East but where exactly. Answer: Bahrain is located off the XX coast of Saudi Arabia, being an island of XX square miles.

Second area of investigation: electrical current and voltage? Sadly, my question was would my UK hairdryer work (let alone the PC or blackberry). Essentially, think British so I was good to go.

Next question: just how hot is it? Last count, 106 degrees F. Yowza! No matter what you wear, that is too darn hot (quoting Cole Porter).
Still, I was intrigued by what was ahead of me, although I did not mention this trip to the Middle East to my mother -in-law. Better to tell her AFTER I return (wink-wink).

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