Monday, July 26, 2010

I am unashamed

OK, so I am travelling with three male business colleagues who apparently think it is "uncool" to admit that they secretly want to take a taxi from the hotel to the HP offices that are only a 5-7 minute walk.

Quoting Cole Porter, no one wants to raise their hand and admit, "it's too darn hot" for walking to the office each morning. Let me go on the record to say that I in fact raised this concern yesterday. Hoots of laughter ensued; cries of "you need to toughen up" ridiculed me as I humbly mentioned I'd like to take a taxi.

OK, the first week we were literally across the street from the client office. Even this 2 minute walk in over-100 temperatures is too much, but what are you gonna do. Second week, we are in the HP offices so in my book, new game. But nooooooooooooo, my colleaugues will have nothing of that and so yesterday morning, the Bahrainian death march ran its course. I was nackered for 2 hours until the water and A/C restored my sanity and curbed my headache.

Today? Hang on a minute. It is 108 degrees F at 8:45 am. Bluntly put, ridicule me all you want. This sister is paying whatever it takes to arrive "sweat-free" at the office.

So, with purpose in my step and conviction in my heart, I stepped out into the Bahranian morning heat and walked 5 steps to the nearest taxi, opened the door, and popped in. Surprisingly, no one was making fun of anyone this morning, as the guys on the team silently followed my lead. sentiment exactly. Apparently, no one wanted to blink first.

Before anyone else reading this post thinks I am a wuss, walk a mile in my shoes. Actually, make that 500 meters and then we'll talk.

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Cyn In London said...

Nor should you be, Sister! Good on you for being the one to take the bullet for your team and show them how to use the Princess Express!