Monday, July 19, 2010

BBC Proms

No, it is not an formal dress event where you and your significant other dress up in a tuxedo and fancy dress and attend a dinner/dance type of event. (Sorry, had to explain that to my US contingency!)


This is the 116th year of the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) Proms and it still remains true to its original aim: to present the widest possible range of music, performed to the highest standards, to large audiences.

The first Proms concert took place on 10 August 1895 and was the brainchild of the impressario Robert Newman, manager of the newly built Queen's Hall in London. Lots of iterations throughout the years have ensued but it was Henry Woods participation in the series (he oversaw them for the first 50 years) and then the BBC's involvement which began in 1927 that put these concerts on the map.

Today, the proms run for approximately 2 months (mid July-mid September) with 2-3 offerings a day. Most of the "big gun" stuff is in the evening, and most concerts take place at the Royal Albert Hall. Still, there are over 76 concerts to choose from.

With that said, the Budman and I bit the bullet on season tickets as several programs appealed...

BBC Proms 2010 kicked off last Friday night; the downside is that due to the fact that the Budman felt under the weather last weekend and my 10 day business trip to Bahrain commences tomorrow, this has pretty much thrown the first 2 weeks' attendance out the window.


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Cyn In London said...

We checked for tickets to the Dr. Who Proms...they were sold out. :(
May try to get in on one or two of the others. What a cool experience!