Thursday, July 29, 2010

PS update

Thanks for aunt, PS, is still about the same. Making small but incremental improvement in the recovery from her stroke. She has also improved a bit in the swallowing area as she has begun to occasionally eat things like banana cream pie. It is still a far cry from taking all her meals orally as she still has the feeding tube, but we are at least seeing a little movement in that direction.

She still takes her therapy (physical, occupational and speech) 5 days a week, and has also improved in the "point to the X" object activities.

Last week, we did have a bit of an unexpected situation arise, when she fell from her wheelchair. The good news is that after CT scans and X-rays, we confirmed no broken bones or contusions. We seem to think she is starting to want to be more mobile...but that will require even more careful monitoring moving forward.

Here is my most recent picture of her with a Baylor University Football Gnome. She had a great laugh the day this little guy arrived...especially when I said that we needed the luck of the gnome this year with our football team.

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