Friday, March 16, 2012

Last post before Rome!

Before I sign off for the weekend run, thought I would answer a few questions I've received from folks who want to follow the weekend run:

Q:  Where is the start and finish of the race?
A:  The Coliseum...does not get better than that.

Q:  What is the course like?
A:   The course is basically flat, but the cobblestones at the start and end of the race are killers. I am told to watch for the occasional "bump" and be prepared for some additional unfamiliar soreness after the race. Set out as if by the Rome tourist board, runners will see all the famous sights along the run.

Q:  What are the expected weather conditions on Sunday?
A:  Sunny, high of 67 degrees F.

Q:  Will the Rome Marathon be on TV?
A:  The Rome Marathon marathon will be broadcast live (9:00-12:00 CET) in more than 70 nations. The race will be broadcast, with a comment in English, on: Supersport South Africa (30 countries); Zuku Africa; Sport Plus France (France), EBU (all European countries), Band Sports Brazil (Brazil), VTR Vive Deportes Chile (Chile), Nova (Greece and Cyprus), KZ Sport 1 (Kazakhstan), Direct TV (Latin America).
Plus, on the Youtube channel of La7, official TV of the 18th Rome Marathon -

Q:  What if I want to come out and cheer you on along the course?
A:  Well, there will most likely not be too many of you out there besides the Three Amigos, but if you do come out, you can download the Rome Marathon Spectator Guide.  Designed to cheer runners on or entertain spectators before the race, as well provide finishers and friends alike with a celebration-concert or to warm them up before the start, they take place in more than 20 locations along the course and beyond.

Taking it one step at a time!

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