Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rome is over, on to London

I apologize that it has taken me almost 2 weeks to post the Rome Marathon results, but life and work sometimes get prioritized in front of the blog. Better later than never.

The good news is that I completed marathon #3 in a time of 5:31:26; the bad news is that I completed marathon #3 in a time of 5:31:26. I know, I know.... I will be mightily chastised by friends and family who are following the "12 in 12 in 2012" marathon journey race by race; the goal for this year should simply be to finish each race. Still, that "type-A" in me rears its ugly head from time to time. I just keep telling myself that a finish of 12 events should be achievement enough.

And so, I can report that I am now 25% complete of the marathon events for this year, and I have achieved 53% of my fundraising status. Onwards and upwards.

First step of the weekend was to pick up my marathon number at the Rome Marathon Expo. A wonderful event, great marathon gift (back-pack) and a fabulous atmosphere. Entering into the race hall on Saturday morning!

Rome marathon expo
In my dreams.....

Rome marathon expo

Hachie Gal and "Romeo" the Rome Marathon mascot. Kinda looks like he is giving me the Hawaiian hand signal "Mahalo" which means "greetings" or "take care". Fingers crossed the race would indeed turn out that way.

Rome marathon expo

I had also decided early on that the race colors for the weekend would be "green and gold", as I would be definitely be "flinging my green and gold afar" on this day. Given Baylor's outstanding sports achievements in the last year, this bear donned her BU colors for pre-race/race events in honor of the "March madness" of Baylor's basketball teams.

Sic' em Bears!

Race morning found me literally a 5 minute walk from the start (and finish) at the Roman Coliseum. Does it get much better than that?

At the start of the Rome marathon

The course was basically a flat one, but the cobblestones for the first 4 miles and last 4 miles were "killers" on my the soles of my feet.  I never wanted to finish a race more.  On the other hand, it was as if the Rome tourist board had designed the course, because I ran past all the famous sights:  The Colieum, St. Peters' Square, the Vatican, the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Plaza Navona, the Forum, Circus Maximus, etc.  Nothing quite prepared me for the moment when I entered St. Peters Square and the eruption of noise from the crowd that ensued.  It was truly amazing.

My recap would not be complete without a BIG thank you to the road crew for the day, lovingly dubbed the "Three Amigos":  Budman, Mike and Matt.  Thanks guys - I owe you!


Finally, I met for the first time one of my Italian work colleagues who I have only spoken to on the phone.  Thanks, Flavio for coming out to say "hey" and congratulate me on the race.

Holly and Flavio, my HP Rome buddy

Next up:  Virgin London Marathon on Sunday, April 22nd!

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