Monday, March 12, 2012

Viva Roma!

Maratona di Roma looms large on the horizon, Sunday, March 18th at 8:00 AM to be precise.  It is incredibly hard to believe that marathon #3 in the "12 in12 in 2012" is already here. 

This month, I find myself feeling slightly more rested (that is an understatement compared to February); the watch word for the last 4 weeks has been "sleep"!

I am looking forward to a small but mighty road crew for Sunday (Budman, Mike, Matt and perhaps an Italien work colleague) to cheer me along the race course.

Speaking of race courses, it is no doubt that the Rome Marathon has one of the world's most charming racecourses of all marathons. More than 500 landmarks enrich the 26 miles, with the start and the finish of the marathon being at THE Coliseum.  Could there be a more dramatic venue?  Let's hope I do not suffer the same fate as many of those who found themselves fighting for their lives in the coliseum though!

More on race day as the week progresses.

Taking it one step at a time!

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