Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My "remembrance" team

As I near the day for marathon #3, I can't help but think of those friends and family members that have been touched by cancer in some way.  For many, they have personally endured the physical and emotional trauma that accompanies this disease; for these individuals, I raise a toast to their perseverance and determination and celebrate the victory achieved.

For others, they have "fought the good fight" and we can only remember them fondly in our hearts and minds as well as their determined struggles against cancer.

Today, I pause to thank those friends, family members, and work colleagues who have donated to Cancer Research UK in my "12 in 12 in 2012" marathon quest, and to recognize the people in which they have donated in honor or memory of.  I am conscious that there are many supporters who did not share their personal stories with me and this represents only a small sample but I thank you all on behalf of Cancer Research UK.

As is my practice, I take a small print-out of these names with me to the start of every marathon.  As I wait patiently at the starting line for the announcement that the race has commenced, I pause briefly and remember each person by name. It is an honor and privilege to run on their behalves and I feel their presence and encouragement throughout the day.  I won't let them down.

In some instances, I only know them as Susan's mother or John's friend.  For privacy reasons, I will not share the full name if I do know it, but I want each person to know they are  remembered today as well as on marathon days (you know who you are).  If you would like to add someone to my list, please let me know.

So, in no particular order, my "remembrance" team:

*  Memory of Nancy Sartain Robinson - died of breast, bone, brain cancer
*  Memory of Peggy Sartain - cancer survivor/pediatric oncologist
*  Memory/honor of all the Sartain women - tough old broads
*  Memory of Amy F., Holly Y.'s Chi-O Sister - breast cancer
*  Memory of Cris T.'s grandparents
*  Memory of Ken S.'s father 
*  Honor of Dena S. - cancer suvivor
*  Memory of Dena S.'s family member
*  Memory of Mihail T.'s mother - breast and lung cancer
*  Honor of Nicholas B. - cancer survivor
*  Memory of Andrew D.'s father
*  Memory of Ian R.'s mother
*  Memory of Nina C.'s mother - ovarian cancer
*  Memory of Simon S.'s friend, Okko M.
*  Memory of Kieran J.'s mother - breast cancer
*  Honor of Roelf B, currently battling cancer
*  Memory of Marilyn B.'s daughter, Linda - leukemia
*  Memory of several of Anastasia Z.'s family members touched by cancer
*  Memory of Yvonne B.'s father
*  Memory of Paul D.'s father (Martha's father in law)
*  Honor of Oana S.'s mother in law currently fighting breast cancer
*  Honor of Birgit vR's HP colleague battling brain and breast cancer
*  Memory of Hicks' family:  (1) RH's grandmother - breast cancer, (2) RH's aunt - breast cancer
*  Honor of Hicks' family: KH's grandmothers who are breast cancer survivors
*  Memory of Debi B.'s friend, Karen K.
*  Memory of Carolyn P.'s grandmother, mother (Corrine B.), aunt (Grace A.), sister (Grace Marian), and cousins (Nancy R. and Peggy S.)
*  Honor of Jim K., Waxahachie friend - prostate cancer survivor
*  Memory of Brian A.'s mother
*  Honor of Nancy A.'s good friend, Mary C., who is currently battling breast cancer
*  Memory of Christina T.'s parents
*  Memory of Cynthia and Paul D's Granddad Pye, and father-in-law, Ken
*  Honor of Cynthia and Paul D's Aunt C and Sister L
*  Memory of Peggy R.'s mother
*  Memory of Pallavi G.'s grandmother
*  Honor of Dee C. currently successfully fighting cancer
*  Honor of Fiona F.
*  Memory of Jennifer M.'s mom
*  Honor of Baylor boys Scott H. and Matt C. who both beat testicular cancer
*  Honor of Greg P. - testicular cancer survivor
*  Memory of Jerry E.'s brother
*  Memory of Jimmi P., Waxahachie buddy
*  Memory of Terry G., Waxahachie neighbor
*  Honor of Jan F., Waxahachie friend
*  Memory of Justin C.'s mother - breast cancer
*  Honor of Sue O.'s friend, Danielle H. battling brain and bone cancer

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail.! - Confucious

Taking it one step at a time!

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