Sunday, December 06, 2009

At long last, Iceland

It just took me X months (no comments, please) to post the Iceland pictures but since I was still getting the questions to see them posted, I decided, "what the heck!", I will post them.  Even though it was technically the summer season, you would never have known it looking at the way we were dressed.  For this Texas gal, I froze most of the trip but that did not diminish the enjoyment factor...I would heartily recommend this destination...rugged country and beautiful landscapes, history galore, and believe it or not, really good food.

Iceland its most lovely.....

Iceland HY 0608 007

Iceland HY 0608 011

Iceland HY 0608 013

Iceland HY 0608 012

Iceland 0609_0004

Lupins...amazing how much they look like Texas bluebonnets.

Iceland HY 0608 029

Iceland HY 0608 025

Iceland 0609_0037

Iceland 0609_0033

Iceland 0609_0030

Iceland HY 0608 020

Iceland HY 0608 016

Loads of lava formations..; over half of Iceland's land mass is made of this stuff.

Iceland 0609_0003

And then there were those cute Icelandic ponies.

Iceland 0609_0044

Iceland 0609_0020

Iceland 0609_0022

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