Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On the twenty-first day of Christmas...

... we embraced the beast known as "Westfield Shopping Mall" in Hammersmith (west London). For those of you who know me, mall shopping has never been my forte...even in Texas, as I have always preferred boutique shopping. However, given it was snowing again in London, the Budman and I had not yet finished our Christmas shopping for one another, and we had yet to have the Westfield experience, we took the 94 bus about 20 minutes east to check it out in person.

What can I say...I had this strange feeling I was in NorthPark????

After a few hours of retail therapy, next stop: Riverside Theater (think Inwood Theater meets the Dallas Theatre Center). As Cyn, Paul, Budman, and I slushed through the Christmas weather, it was more like a "Rainy Christmas" than a "White Christmas", but I'll take it.

While technically not MY personal Christmas movie favorite (that would be Holiday Inn - what else?), there is something about seeing a classic movie in a movie theatre. Apparently, a few others thought the same thing because there was a respectable audience attendance on a wintery London night.

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