Sunday, December 20, 2009

On the ninth day of Christmas...

...well, technically, it was not the ninth day of December, since the concert was on December 5th.  However, I had a free day to fill with a Christmas anecdote in the 31 days of Christmas blogfest, so I posted it on this day.

Yes, I have now finished the first "semester" as they say in the Chiswick Chorale.  My neighborhood community chorus of 100+ voices was a boon to what little "work-life" balance I had this year, but one I was eternally grateful for.  Every Tuesday night...for 2 hours...I rehearsed the two pieces that were in my first concert:  (1)  Haydn's Te Deum and (2) Hummel's Missa Solemnis

Chiswick Chorale Concert 1209 016

Besides giving those vocal chords a good workout and working on my sight reading, yours truly was also selected to perform in the small chorus of the Missa Solemnis.  Not bad for this Hachie Gal's inaugural concert.

So, when the evening of the concert arrived, the Budman and I literally walked down the street from our house (maybe 7 minutes?) to St. Peter's Church that would be the venue for the concert.  Dressed in concert black, and ready to go, I left the Budman in the sanctuary to head back to the join the rest of the chorus.  Nine minutes to go before curtain call (figuratively speaking) and I realize I have left one of  my two pieces of music AT HOME! 

Racing back into the sanctuary, I spot the Budman 3-4 rows back from the orchestra, having located a great seat for the evening's concert I might add. He's ensconced in his church pew, checking out the program.  Relaxed.  Getting into that classical music zen place. Within seconds, I relay my predicament to him and that man (bless him) springs into action and races home (now in the rain) to try to find my no avail (but I love that he tried). Thankfully, I was able to share my neighbor's, Hazel, music for the first piece. YIKES.

Note:  Photo below is clearly from the second item on the program as I have music in hand.

Chiswick Chorale Concert 1209 007

All in all, a "thumbs up" experience and totally looking forward to the March concert, Mendelssohn's Elijah. If you are around London, come for a listen!

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