Sunday, June 07, 2009

3rd celebrity sighting

Routine hair appointment in local Aveda salon this past Saturday...I could tell from the moment I arrived that somethingwas happening. There was a heightened sense of purpose that day from all the stylists; the local owner/manager of Aveda was all abuzz with "Get ready...Kate's coming in today!"

Ok, so my eyes and ears perked up. Kate who, I thought?

I did not have to wait long until Ms. Beckinsale waltzed into the salon for her hair appointment...looking very much the star. And there I was, with a birds-eye view of her right behind the chair where I was sitting and with color and highlights in my hair....looking so fantastic myself at this point (not!) She and her stylist (my stylist, too, I might add!) kissed cheeks, hugged necks, and then Kate was whisked away for whatever had brought her into the salon that day.

Third celebrity sighting in London in 15 months...that is on average a sighting every 5 months....

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