Monday, June 29, 2009

It's hot, hot, hot

Yes, today's string of sunny London days is now officially starting to wear thin for me I never thought I would be saying this, but "can we please get some rain, a little cloud cover, and a cool front?". To steal Cole's phrase, "it's too darn hot!".

Officially, the highs today in London town were 86 degree Fahrenheit. Before any of my fellow Texans start ribbing me about how hot it has been in Texas the last week or so and can't this Texas gal deal with the mid-80s, please remember the following distinction...we have no A/C in our homes in London. For that matter, many of the offices suffer from the same predicament. As Budman returned from his tube journey home tonight, albeit with a sweaty shirt back and a soggy suit, we noticed that the temps inside the house were hovering around 90 degrees. Still tempted to trade in my London weather for your Texas A/C?

Which brings me to the next point: we have made the purchase of a portable A/C unit which arrives from the John Lewis department store on Saturday.

It will be Independence Day of another sorts for us this Saturday!

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