Monday, June 08, 2009

Haven't seen her since college

The last time I saw Alicia least 25 years ago...when we were both seniors and Chi Omegas at Baylor. Sure, we may have bumped into each other at the random wedding or baby shower, but the days of seeing college girlfriends on a routine basis just became fewer and fewer.

It was with true delight that after finally embracing the world of facebook last Christmas and re-building the network of high school and college friends, that Alicia and I re-established contact. So, with the lines of communication open once more, thanks to the virtual world of FB, Alicia sent me a quick note this May to say, "coming to London...let's meet for dinner!".

Besides the retelling of old stories, the asking of the myriad of questions like "what are you doing these days?", "have you heard from so and so?", and "tell me how such and such is", I actually got the price of dinner as a 2-for-1...both Alicia and her daughter, Elizabeth, took me out for a lovely meal. (Elizabeth - you are trooper to traipse to dinner with two 40-year old women taking a tour down memory lane).

Alicia and Holly 2009

In all truthfulness, friends, whether they they be old or new, are a true gift from God! Thanks to all of you who fall in that category for the Hachie Gal. And Alicia....thanks for the dinner and chat!

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