Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Could they tell stories on me!

We are so fortunate to have had another recent get-together with friends from Texas who were in the UK for 2 weeks. The Budman and I caught up with these international travellers long enough, to grab a meal, hug some necks, and catch up with them the night before their return to Dallas.

You see, I have known these people for almost 40 years. Old habits die hard, so technically I still think of them as Mr. and Mrs. E. As I have been best friends with their daughter, Tracey, since elementary school, it is still hard some times to refer to them as Jim and Catherine, but I try.

Next to my parents and aunt, these "grown-ups" have known me longer and better than about any other adult living people, have seen me through all the major events of my life (graduation from high school, college, and grad school, college pledging, engagement and wedding, deaths of my parents, Gingerbread Trail experiences, and life living abroad - thanks for always being so supportive) and shared in my triumphs as well as despairing moments. Always, ALWAYS, they can make me laugh even in the darkest hours (that night in fall '88 around your Yellowstone house kitchen table springs to mind) This evening was no different!

Evans and Youngs London 0509

One of the stories that Catherine shared, which I had totally forgotten, is one night while we were in high school, Tracey and I has just returned from evening tap class, only to burst into their bedroom while they were watching TV, tapping up a storm, apparently with visions of "making it big on the Big White Way".

That is one of the greatest things about old friends, not friends who are old, but friends who have known you for a long time. They have these wonderful memories that somehow your own memory bank may not have recorded. So, take the time today to say hello to an old friend and share a walk down memory lane! It will be good for your soul!

And as for Jim and Catherine, we look forward to a return engagement.


Anonymous said...

You and Tracey took tap in high school?!! I never knew. It's good to see a picture of Mr. and Mrs. E. I never see them in the metroplex. Hope all is well. I would contact you by email but I don't have it. From a former Yellowstone neighbor - ERY

Hachie Gal said...

ERY - I will drop a note to Becky D. through Facebook and get your email address... I don't think you are on FB yet, are you?