Monday, June 01, 2009

Have you ever seen such is way too overdue but I realized that I had never posted the Chinese Elvis photos. "What in the world are Chinese Elvis photos", you say?

Well...that is a good question. Technically, the answer is an aging Chinese guy, performing an Elvis impersonation in a Chinese restaurant in west London. I am still amazed at how people come up with these entertainment concepts... indeed, Elvis was in the building this night.

My main question prior to the evening was which decade Elvis impersonation would we get? The 50's lame jacket and gyrating hips...the 60"s cool black leather bike dude...or the 70's white jumpsuit with rhinestones. It was the latter as you can observe.

Yes, it was campy. True, the guy was not that great of a singer. He did, however, sing every Elvis hit with a gusto rarely seen from other Elvis impersonators. Truthfully, I still do not understand how the concept was ever conceived but the place was packed for 2 shows that Friday evening. Apparently, he performs several shows a month.

And he gets paid for this....what am I doing wrong?

Chinese Elvis 0309 010

Chinese Elvis 0309 006

Chinese Elvis 0309 020

Of course, these events require audience participation...the best dancer of the night, was the 12 year old kid!
Chinese Elvis 0309 008

Chinese Elvis 0309 007

Does Christina look like she is enjoying the attention?

Chinese Elvis 0309 012

Co-workers from the office and their families celebrated the event...sadly, the Budman missed out on this stellar entertainment.

Chinese Elvis 0309 002

Chinese Elvis 0309 003

Chinese Elvis 0309 001

Chinese Elvis 0309 013

He summed it up with one of the final songs of the evening...."Wuv me tender, wuv me twoo".

Chinese Elvis 0309 011

Sometimes, the truth is stranger than fiction.

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