Monday, June 29, 2009

week 2 Wimbledon

We are well into week two of Wimbledon and all I can say is "this place is "Murray crazy". Apparently, the young Scotman's ill-fated comments from 2006 about rooting for anyone who plays football (soccer for you, Americans) against the English are all but forgotten. It has been 73 years since a citizen of GBR won the men's single title. That's indeed a long dry spell. The fact that he is Scottish apparently is not longer an issue. Everyone loves a winner I guess.

Currently watching him play on Monday evening London time, and he is about to beat Wawrinka. I must confess to being caught up in Murray mania until I realize Andy Roddick is still in the mix for the US. Guess I technically need to be a homer but I long ago adopted the custom of rooting for the US AND my host country in whatever sporting event is under way. When in Seoul and Dusseldorf respectively, we pulled for S. Korea and Germany in the World Cup; ditto for the UK in last year's summer Olympics. Seems to increase the odds of my team/man winning.

One final note, I used to judge the calendar by when the NFL, NHL, the Final Four, Spring Training for MLB, and the World Series began. Now, my calendar is tuned to European Football, Wimbledon, and the Tour de France commence.

Yep...starting to be gone a bit too long, me thinks?

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