Friday, November 04, 2011

Ever had a "cameluccino"?

Recent trips to the UAE have proven to me that there are places that "do things bigger and larger than life" than even Texas.

Case in point: Why settle for a plain cappuccino when you can have a cameluccino?


At the only 7 star hotel in Abu Dhabi, known as the Emirates Palace, I was introduced to such a beverage. (And yes, the hotel ceilings are actually decorated with paint that is not only a golden color but actually contains gold ore flecks in it)...

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

...but I digress.

After a long day of client meetings, the team sat down to enjoy coffees and relax. Not being a coffee drinker myself, I still had to experience a cappuccino made from camel's milk (not cow's milk). Before you say, "Oooh, disgusting", it actually did not taste all that different. I am not sure I would have known the difference quite frankly had I not been alerted to it before hand.

And yes, those are shavings of gold on the top! Again, another first!

Next door to the coffee lounge, was also a fabulous bakery that made delicious confections to resemble all sorts of things, including Chanel and Vuitton handbags, and with prices to match the real things.

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

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