Thursday, November 03, 2011

LOL - literally

OK, I got an invite to attend a small gathering in Chiswick for the purpose of hearing a piano and voice recital of two Royal School of Music students. They are truly talented and they had a lovely program in store for the audience.

The recital was preceded by appetizers and cocktails, and brief chatting with about 40 people attending the recital.

I'll cut to the chase...the musicians were upstaged.

The main focus of attention was the "senior citizen" collie that kept wandering in and out of the music room....traipsing back and forth in front of the pianist or the tenor...clearly out of his element. Several of the guests, including myself, tried to comfort the poor animal but to no avail. Next thing I see out of the corner of my left eye, the dog keeps attempting to jump onto a sofa with 4 guests, only to be pushed back onto the floor. Snickering could be heard over Liszt and Schumann.

Next thing I realize, an odor is wafting through the room that is...well...quite awful. Metaphorically speaking, the dog "cut the cheese" and after passing the gas, clearly felt better and laid down at the foot of the piano.

At one point, he looked up and out at the audience, with what appeared to be a dog if to say, "Ahhhhhh"!

Sadly, I could not say the same.

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