Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This is why I am running

On a recent weekend trip, as I sat on the return air flight home and reflected on my weekend, I sighed with satisfaction. It had been a fun weekend visiting a new city for the first time, embracing lovely warm weather and a cool, refreshing Mediterranean sea breeze, eating delicious food, and visiting interesting historic sites. In general, I gave the trip a "thumbs up" although it is always challenging to fit in my long runs on the weekend when travelling away from home/London.

I then became aware of the man sitting nearby who was wearing a baseball cap; he was clearly undergoing treatment for cancer (either chemotherapy, radiation, both, etc.). He had no hair on his head (hence the reason for the ball cap) and no eyebrows or eyelashes, was quite thin, and just looked very tired.

My heart went out to him...and then I thought, "This is the reason I am running my marathon challenge for Cancer Research UK...just for people like him."

Taking it a step at a time,

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