Tuesday, March 15, 2011

major photo meltdown

It was going to envitably happen...mainly b/c the Home Office PA (a.k.a. Hachie Gal)is the only one who downloads photos from the camera and does the back-up. Events in 2010 meant that the normal photo back-up precautions were not always adhered to. For the record, the Home Office PA is more than happy to get fired, get her pink slip, be made redundant. I no longer really want that job, but looks like I'm stuck with it for a bit.

Back to the subject of today's post. Long story short, there was accidental deletion of many of the 2010 travel, London, and family/friends photos from May through November of last year. Through the miracle of hard drive back-up and Flickr however, I was able to restore 90% of these photos. It just irks me that things like Wimbledon, Cyn and Paulster's Wedding, and all of the London summer events were lost.

Hey - somebody needs to can that Home Office PA. Oh right, already mentioned that.

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