Sunday, March 06, 2011

Running successes - celebrate the small stuff

I am about 10 weeks away from the Edinburgh Marathon and am happy report that my longest run to date (15.47 miles) was completed in fine form today.  The gods were smiling on all counts, as the sun was shining, the wind was to a minimum, and the eating regimen seems to be paying off in terms of longevity in the runs, little leg fatigue, and good levels of energy all the way round.  So far, I am exuding energy and feeling strong on all my runs.  The 9 pounds I've shed aren't too shabby either.

So, as the big day approaches for Number 14 (the total number of marathons completed to date), I've turned my attention to some highly desirable autumn half marathons, that are both popular with runners and afford destination running:  Windsor 1/2 in September, Royal Parks 1/2 in London and Cardiff, Wales 1/2 in October.  Lucky me, I am confirmed in all three races, even pulling the highly coveted ballot place in Royal Parks this past Friday.

I am downright giddy.

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