Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trip of the month club

Some people participate in the "fruit-of-the-month" or "book-of-the month" taking that concept and applying it to one of my favorite past-times, the Budman and I have adopted the "trip-of-the-month" club for 2011.

Before I provide you with the trip-of-the-month club parameters, I realize someone reading this blog post will probably think I was referring to another one of my favorite activities, marathoning. Just to be clear, I in fact did run a marathon once a month for a period of 5 months, known as the Texas Challenge, but I realize I just don't have the "once a month marathon" in my gene make-up.

Given the downturn in 2010 travel, the Budman and I decided to make amends for that trend in 2011 by:

* taking at least one trip a month in a 12 month calendar year
* home trips to DFW/Waxahachie don't count
* bonus: trips where the AA or BA flight status can be maintained jump to the head of the queue for consideration

I am happy to report..."so far, so good". In January, the winter wonderland of Oslo Norway beckoned us and in February, the gastronomy capital of France, Lyon, easily put 5 pounds on us in one weekend. Coming up in March, sunny Lisbon, which is perfect because I am ready for spring weather and sunshine and London is only partially complying to date.

Photos to follow.

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Alicia White said...

This a club I would quite happily join!