Monday, March 28, 2011

March against cuts?

About 250,000 UK citizens decided to march in London last Saturday in protest against the cuts proposed by the UK government.  Organized by the TUC, a UK union,the event entitled "March for the Alternative" was billed as a family event whereby people could peacefully state their objections to a whole range of nationwide cuts that are only now starting to be felt across the country. 


The main point of view by protesters, as they peacefully marched through Westminster, past the Houses of Parliament and along Embankment, was intended to show ministers that many people no longer believe that budget cuts to education, jobs, pensions, health care, social programs, etc.are the cure for the UK's economic ills.

Now while I am all for the "power of the people" to demonstrate and raise their collective voices, there are inevitably the small minority of ruffians, hooligans, pick the term, that have to take the opportunity to create havoc for the sake of creating havoc.  Which is precisely what happened around Trafalgar Square for most of Saturday afternoon and evening.  Businesses were damaged, windows destroyed, fires lit, bottles thrown against police and general passers-by caught  in the wrong place at the wrong time....for no real apparent reason, except that "they could".


Nope...I was happy to pass and stay put west London.  Thank you very much.

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