Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring has sprung

It is still a bit cold here and there, with rain showers and cold-ish weather continuing to remind us that Winter-Man is not quite willing to relinquish his seasonal control, but the signs are there that Spring is just around the corner in London.

As much as the actual arrival of Spring, it is the anticipation of her impending visitation that stirs my excitement.  (Notice how I assume that Winter is a man and Sring is a woman - maybe it is the re-birth of life aspect that causes me to think this). 

Sure, the other signs of Spring are there:  the ever lengthening days and longer hours of daylight, or the increasing frequency of warmer days, such as the one I experienced yesterday on my long run.  Bright sunshine and 58 degrees greeted me as my foot trek began, and I quickly questioned my choice of running apparel as the susnshine beat down and the temperative rose.  Still, it was a bea-u-ti-ful day!

For me though, nothing says spring in London that the arrival of the daffodils!  In late February, those green shoots commence their sprouting, and I know that it is only a matter of time before those cheery little yellow buds raise their heads if to be flocking home to the mothership that is the sun.  Give or take fours weeks later, all of London is awash in a sea of yellow.  The cherry blossoms trees begin to shower us with a sea of white and pink flurries, Spring's version of snowfall.  Crocus blooms remind us that good things can still come in little purple and yellow packages.  Still...can there be a cheerier flower than the daffodil?  See what I mean....

Grubbs London HY 032109 015

FYI - this photo of the Budman and I is in St. James Park, one of several parks showcasing all things daffodil.  In fact, the entire area around Buckhingham Palace, the Mall, Green Park, and St. James Park pays tribute to the glory of our yellow friend in a magnficient way.  Who do we ahve to thank for this stunning display?

Besides the gardeners London's Royal Parks, apparently it is Liz and Phil (a.k.a Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip) that requested thousands of the daffodil bulbs prior to their marriage along the marriage processional route that the carriage would follow.  To this day, Londoners enjoy this singular floral display each Spring courtesy of this event.  

Carrying that royal theme one bit further, it has been speculated that Kate Middleton's marriage bouguet may incorporate the Welsh national flower (daffodil) into her bouquet or train. Time will tell.

Either way, the glories of this cheery flower tell us all that "Spring has indeed sprung!"

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